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The PEPPERMILL Restaurant  is a favorite of the LAS VEGAS BUFFET CLUB.
Peppermill's Fireside Lounge
2985 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 735-4177
The World Famous STARDUST HOTEL AND CASINO used to be across the street from the Peppermill...The Stardust is now just a pile of stardust...The Peppermill was just south of the Riviera Hotel, also gone.
The Peppermill Restaurant is basically a 24-hour up-scale coffee shop, and more. This restaurant and lounge serves above average food in above average portions (the prices are also a notch higher.)  A full breakfast, lunch and diner menu is offered. Real decent: breakfasts, entrees, huge salads, soups, desserts and various specials are served by excellent wait people. A cocktail server in a basic black dinner dress makes the rounds, at all hours, taking your drink order - even at the counter. I was sitting at the counter, the other day, and saw a plate of "something" which appeared to be about the size of the upper half of a basketball. This plate was huge. THIS IS THE PLACE TO START YOUR DAY. 

This place is extremely well managed... The manager and her staff work with clock-work precision, and manage, also, to be personable. These ladies put up with me for years.

A faux Cherry Blossom tree (above,) in the middle of the dining room is set under a mirrored ceiling. Cozy oversized booths are placed so that each booth has a degree of privacy.

In the rear of the restaurant, through a portal, you'll find the most romantic lounge in Las Vegas. A small blue water pond (it can be seen in a scene, in the movie "CASINO") is the center attraction: In the pond, gas is released through underwater jets and is ignited as it reaches the surface, creating an image of water on fire or fire on water. Sitting at one of the adjacent (to the pond) tables can be a very romantic thing. There are also booths in the back of this dark - well decorated cave. If you can't get comfortable and relax in this lounge, you can't relax!  

"The swankiest old-school lounge in Vegas was named one of "America's 10 Best Make-Out Bars" by Nerve Magazine, for reasons that will be abundantly clear as soon as you walk in. So strong is the Fireside Lounge's juju, you can practically feel the requited lust in the parking lot." - Vegas.Com


YES! There are a few slot/video machines in the waiting area.
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