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     PETE'S KITCHEN in Denver Colorado

THE CENTURY COUNCIL - Responsible Drinking

1962 E. Colfax Avenue 
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 303-321-3139
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PETE'S KITCHEN on Denver, Colorado's Colfax Avenue is a "Big City" diner that serves breakfast "as you like it:"  Two eggs, hash browns, toast and coffee or more eclectic compositions are served Greek-American style.  Authentic Greek specials as well as All-American foods are featured.
On Colfax Avenue, just down the road a piece from Denver's East High School, Pete's Kitchen is "just right."  Everything about this Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner joint is authentic.  Pete's serves the right foods, and the location helps create that "Big City" ambience...
Pete's Kitchen's host, Pete Contos, is as much of a Denver landmark as are his restaurants.
This is a Diner so don't expect hoity-toity accoutrements, unless you consider down-home hoity-toity...
While you totally relax with your meal at Pete's, try Pete's version of Tabasco-like hot sauce.  The familiar little bottle enjoys Pete's label and the sauce is made with a twist:  It is flavored with carrot juice.  You can purchase a bottle to take home.  On our last visit - mid-August, 2006 - we discovered that Pete's offered the hot-sauce in several more flavors...
Pete's is next door to THE SATIRE LOUNGE, also owned by Pete Contos.  The Satire showcased  musical acts, in the1960s, such as Bob Dylan (Dylan lived in Denver for a time in the 60's) and The Smothers Brothers who allegedly did one of their first comedy routines at the bar.  The Satire serves Mexican-American foods but the bar is the heart of this place...