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10Best.com’s list of the 10 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas.

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This is 10Best.com’s list of the ten best restaurants in Las Vegas: 1. Rosemary’s Restaurant, 2. Delmonico Steakhouse, 3. Burger Bar, 4. Pamplemousse, 5. Sterling Brunch, 6. Royal Star, 7. Swiss Café Restaurant , 8. Shintaro, 9. Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare , 10. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop.

You can click a specific link or click the 10Best.com link below for more information.

10Best.com says: For many years, the dining scene in Las Vegas was considered subpar when compared to major cities like New York or Los Angeles. But just like everything else in this sparkling city, dining has been completely revamped – with overwhelmingly positive results. Here you can find outposts of the country’s most famous (and skilled) chefs, read more…

These are, of course, excellent places to eat! The Las Vegas Buffet Club, however, misses some of the long-gone eats & eateries, such as the BOARDWALK’S $.49 Hobo Stew or their greasy cheesebergers late at night; how ’bout the cheap late night breakfasts at SILVER CITY or a Cobb salad at the STARDUST’S TOUCAN HARRY’S. Speaking of Hobo Stew, there used to be an authentic HOBO JUNGLE behind the HACIENDA HOTEL where you could sit back on a discarded aluminum lawn chair and enjoy real Hobo Stew from a bean can. OH YEAH BABE…How about breakfast with TOM WAITS & CHUCK E WEISS at DUKES CAFE on Santa Monica Blvd. or sitting with RON BROWN & BOBBY BOYER at the IHOP in Hollywood next to the new, hot band: THE MONKEES, while RON BROWN was talking about another new band he just played (Fender bass) for in a recording session: CROSBY STILLS & NASH (before Neil Young;) he was also talking about playing with Stevie Wonder – wait a minute, that was in Los Angeles wasn’t it?