Annie’s Cafe & Bar in Denver, Colorado is open for business.

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Annie’s restaurant fits it’s new building like a well turned hand in a classic glove. For years, Annie’s collected kid’s lunch-boxes, antique toys
(like little girl’s bake ovens, ironing boards and irons,) 50s metal-slogan-signs, vintage Hollywood movie posters etc. All this was displayed on the walls of the former building which evoked more of a strip-mall-like ambience. The memorabilia was somewhat cheapened by the stark lighting and cafeteria vibe. The new restaurant is warm and cozy with it’s well patinaed dark woods, providing a perfect showcase for the mementos.

The new digs comprise several rooms, including the inner sanctum-like bar area which has a number of dark, wood-slat booths & tables, and of course, a small bar. The front dining area faces Colfax Avenue. The Colfax scene can be seen through the large picture windows. This perfect-for-breakfast room is spacious and bright.

Annie’s menu seems to be pretty much the same with the inclusion of adult beverage items – the Peanut Butter jars are still on the table [read the previous post.]

Check the website from time to time, it’s not totally “up” yet; the menus weren’t on-line at the time of this writing. The “T-Bird” breakfast (two eggs, hash browns, meat choice & pancakes) is on the menu as well as all the other breakfast favorites, and there is the jar of peanut butter on every table.
Annie’s Cafe & Bar has nightly specials such as: an Enchilada Plate, Chicken Pot Pie, Lasagna, Fried Chicken, and Grilled Fish served with soup or salad ($7.95 – $9.95.)

Diner, dinner entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, fries, malts, shakes, cokes, booze and more are available.

The new location is 3100 East Colfax Avenue and St. Paul Street, Denver, Colorado 80206.
Annie’s Cafe & Bar’s Website

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Annie’s Cafe in Denver, Colorado opens to the public on Tuesday, June 17th

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Soup's On...

Annie’s Cafe owners share good news with employees that the restaurant is moving to the Goodfriends location on East Colfax Avenue. Annie’s Cafe and Bar will open at the site June 17″ read more…

Annie’s new location will be at 3100 East Colfax Avenue and St. Paul Street, Denver, Colorado 80206
“The 29-year-old Goodfriends restaurant on East Colfax Avenue closes Saturday. The site becomes the next home of Annie’s Cafe, moving in June from East 8th Avenue and Colorado Boulevardread more…

Annie’s Cafe and Bar will be a major player on East Colfax with their “Big City” breakfast expertise (Annie’s kept a jar of peanut butter on every table, providing a path to immediate gratification – hopefully this tradition will continue.) Adding a bar will put them “over the top.” This is going to be one of the most popular joints in Denver for breakfast, lunch, dinner and… With Pete’s Kitchen just-down-the-road-a-piece, Colfax Avenue will definitely continue to be the place to do a “Big City” breakfast.

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Colorado casino revenue down 10.7 percent.

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By The Associated Press – “DENVER — Revenue at Colorado casinos fell 10.7 percent during the beginning of 2008, the worst drop in the industry’s history. The industry and gamblers are blaming the state’s new smoking ban as well as high gas prices. Others blame the overall soft economy.”
Stephanie Steinberg, who pushed for the smoking ban to be expanded to casinos, thinks the recession is more to blame. She said casino revenue in Las Vegas, where smoking is allowed, has also dropped.” read more of this A.P. article at The Denver

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Thai Basil – Asian Fusion Restaurant in Denver, Colorado

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Thai basil is a cultivar group of basil. It has a more assertive taste than many other sweet basils. The herb has small leaves, purple stems and a subtle licorice or mint flavor” read more from Wikipedia

Thai Basil ( 5 locations in the Denver/Colorado Springs area) is a fresh “now” restaurant offering Thai-Asian-Fusion cuisine.

In a perfect balance of Yin & Yang ( 陰陽, ) Thai Basil balances the old and new. California-modern design mixes with old-burl table tops, old-country cabinets, an Asian bed-frame (used as a dining island) here or there and maybe modern fibreglas art on the wall. I probably just “fused” the decor of the two locations I’ve visited: The Thai Basil Hang Out Grill (3301 W 38th Ave.) and the Washington Park location (540 East Alameda Ave.) The East Alameda location has the bed-frame and fibreglas; the TB Hang Out Grill incorporates the burl wood tables.

I acquired a serious appreciation for Pad Thai in Southern California and Thai Basil serves a beautiful Pad Thai.

Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese menu items include: starters, salads, soups, meats, seafoods, vegetables, noodles, rice, deserts and more. Thai Curries, Vietnamese Rice Noodle Bowl, Szechuan Asian Eggplant, Crispy Duck and Fried Rice are just a few facets of the fusion. Some of my other favorites – besides Pad Thai ($7.95) are: Coconut Soup, Satay Chicken, Thai Spring Roll and Kung Pao Chicken.

Thai Basil has a full Bar with a good selection of Asian and domestic beers. At the time of this post, The Thai Basil Hang Out Grill location is serving: (HANG ON TO YOUR HAT) $.25 cent domestic beers and $.50 cent imported beers. You have to order food & there is a limit. Call for more information…

Check the Thai Basil Website for menu by location; locations / addresses and other information..

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The Bombay Clay Oven Indian Restaurant in Denver, Colorado

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THE BOMBAY CLAY OVEN Indian Restaurant/Bar
165 Steele St.
Denver, Colorado 80206

The Bombay Clay Oven’s Official Website

The Bombay Clay Oven in Denver’s hoity-toity, Cherry Creek North is an excellent, affordable, Indian restaurant with a nice little bar, outdoor patio, comfortable center-tables and several “Traditional Divan Seating Booths.”  Go for a booth, if you can get one – the “Divan” booths are cozy and comfortable with wall tapestries, and cushions & pillows to sit on, sans shoes. These booths are like little dining caves, so to speak.
Reservations are accepted.

Click on the Bombay Clay Oven website for the complete menu, photos & additional information.

On the Menu:

BREAD, Soup, Salad and Sides

The Bombay Clay Oven has a full bar with an excellent wine list; wines start at $5.00.

This free-standing building (see photo on website) is a perfect match for the restaurant.
“There are some parking spots behind and along the south side of the restaurant, which are accessed through the alley in between St. Paul Street and Steele Street.”

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