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“Press Release: Bettie Page Obituary”

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The late Bettie Page...
From the Official Bettie Page Website:
Los Angeles, December 11, 2008  –  “Bettie Page, sweet-smiling legendary 1950s pin-up queen with the killer curves and coal-black bangs, died today of pneumonia at a Los Angeles area hospital. She was 85 years old. She suffered a heart attack one week ago and never regained consciousness.   Her popularity as an underground, guilty pleasures phenomenon has continued to soar despite the fact that the reclusive Page disappeared almost a half century ago, leading many to believe that one of the most photographed individuals of the 20th century was already dead.” 
…”Funeral services will be Tuesday with a private service and burial at Westwood Cemetery a few feet away from her blonde sex icon counterpart, Marilyn Monroe.” read more…

"Don’t Kill Our Wild Horses"

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Wild horse from Care2 Petitionsite...

Before you sign any petitions, check out Madeleine Pickens’ proposal…

From the Care2 Petitionsite:

“The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced plans to kill America’s wild horses rather than effectively manage our wild natural heritage.”

“BLM claims it can no longer afford to round up wild horses and confine them until it finds people to adopt them, and the agency wants to euthanize these majestic wild beauties or sell them to the highest bidder “without limitation” – meaning sell them to anyone, even if the bidder also plans to kill these horses.” read more…

Send an email to: Director James Caswell, Bureau of Land Management (Please be advised that if you sign the petition Care2 will send a steady stream of petitions & other mail.)
Sponsored by:

“Dear Director Caswell,”
“I am deeply disappointed with your proposal to kill or sell-off wild horses in confinement rather than develop a management plan to return these majestic animals to the range where they belong” read more and access the email letter to send to the BLM (you can also access the form from the previous link …

“deadline: Ongoing…goal: 50,000” (So far) 36,533

“I-Team: Sheryl Crow Joins in Wild Horse Fight, George Knapp, Chief Investigative Reporter”
“Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow is not a celebrity-come-lately to the wild horse debate. She owns horses, including an adopted wild mustang, and has campaigned for the protection of the herds for years.”
“Crow has lent her support to the Cloud Foundation, a Colorado-based organization dedicated to preserving wild horses on the range and to finding homes for those already in captivity.”
“In a backstage interview, Crow summed up the urgency of the moment, “33,000 horses are being held right now by the BLM and due to budgetary problems, they’re saying now they can’t afford to feed them, which is kind of a great excuse to exterminate them.”
read more…

Sheryl Crow’s “I Don’t Wanna Know” featured in “Saving the American Wild Horse” Documentary.

Access Sheryl Crow’s Official Website
Access The Wild Horse Foundation
Access The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign website…
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"Leave the venerable Colorado River be"

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Story by Las Vegas Sun’s Phoebe Sweet:
“DAILY MEMO: WATER: Water authority says renegotiating Nevada’s take won’t increase our share because climate change is slowing the flows.”
By Phoebe Sweet, “Nevada’s share of the Colorado River is so small that it seems only logical that a rewriting of the 80-year-old law that divvies up the river would go our way.” read more…

Colorado River - Las Vegas Sun photo...
[Las Vegas Sun photo]

Columbus Day Celebrations Around the Country

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Wiki Pages for Columbus Day

JCCIA image of Christopher Columbus...
JCCIA Picture

“Columbus Day Website – Welcome to the Columbus Day site!” [Not affiliated with the LasVegasBuffetClub…]
“Hi, this site was created to present clear and accurate information about Columbus Day. This site is cross browser compatible, simple to navigate and therefore easily accessible. We hope that your visit to our Columbus Day web site will provide you with all the information you need.” read more…

Columbus Day, 2008
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America
White House News
Christopher Columbus’ bold voyage across the Atlantic changed the world forever. On Columbus Day, we remember this Italian explorer’s courage in traveling to the unknown and celebrate his landmark achievements and lasting legacy read more…


The Oldest Continuous Marching Parade in America!
Kick Off at Linwood Avenue in Patterson Park
Proceed West onto Eastern Avenue
Right onto High Street
Disband on Central Avenue
Parade Reviewing Stand and Spectator Seating located at Intersection of Stiles and High Streets in Little Italy read more…

The mission of Columbus Celebrations, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, is multi-faceted and includes the following:
To celebrate America and its discovery.
To celebrate our Italian as well as the multi-cultural heritage of our magnificent nation, the United States of America.
To support our community, our children and those less fortunate, through charity and creative fundraising events.
To continue the great tradition of Baltimore’s Columbus Day Parade, America’s oldest parade and celebration of its kind.

1 o’clock start for Columbus Day Parade
Friday, October 10, 2008
Local politicos, Italian-American honorees, and music-makers will be among the throngs of marchers in this year’s Bayonne Columbus Day Parade, when they step off Sunday at 1 p.m. at Fifth Street and Broadway read more…
The parade route is north along Broadway to 39th Street, then west past the reviewing stand at Stephen R. Gregg/Hudson County/Bayonne Park at Avenue C for the conclusion of the event.

What do marching bands, Santa Claus and Shrek have in common? They’re all alums of Boston’s annual Columbus Day Parade. Celebrating the diversity of America, the parade includes representatives from Mexican, Puerto Rican and Italian cultural groups and music and dancing from all over the world, as well as floats read more…

Columbus Day Parade draws thousands to downtown Cape Coral
At the stroke of 5 this afternoon, Cape Coral police motorcycles blared sirens and drove east on Southeast 47th Terrace, kicking off the city’s annual Columbus Day Parade.
Thousands of people lined the downtown street, parallel to main thoroughfare Cape Coral Parkway, and took in the sights and sounds of the parade — a Cape Coral tradition for more than 25 years.
“We try to promote the Italian culture in Cape Coral,” said Salvatore Cossentino, president of the Charles J. Bonaparte Sons of Italy Lodge 2504 of Cape Coral, which organized the event. “There are a large number of Italian constituencies here, and we hope people look foward every year to the Columbus Day Parade.”
The most common sights at the parade were American flags, followed closely by Italian flags.
But with the presidential election just a little more than three weeks away, the event also took on a decidedly political tone. About halfway through the 40-minute parade were three cars bearing large signs for the Republican presidential ticket, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
About five minutes behind them were three other vehicles bearing large signs for the Democratic candidates, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois and Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware.
Several other cars featured candidates for local offices.
“It was very political,” said Tia Janssen, 38, of Cape Coral, who was watching the event with her husband, Michael, 43. “I wasn’t expecting that.”
“It’s going to be an important election, very close,” said Pam Bergstrasser, 64, of Cape Coral, who was with her husband, Dennis, 60, at the parade. “There are so many opinions.”
For the first time, the parade featured the Italian Food Festival afterward. That appeared to boost the parade’s attendance.
“I think it’s phenomenal,” Cossentino said of the attendannce at the festival early in the evening. “It’s kind of what we expected, but it’s even more than we expected so far.”
The Sons of Italy Lodge 2507 of Port Charlotte also took part in the Cape parade.
“As brothers and sisters in the lodges, we try to support one another’s parades, socials and charities,” said Ronald Radenz, president of the Port Charlotte lodge read more…

ABC 7 Chicago to feature live, HD broadcast of Columbus Day Parade at 12:30 PM on 7.2, Monday October 13th
ABC 7 CHICAGO, the official station of the 56th annual Columbus Day Parade, will broadcast the parade, live, Monday, October 13th, from 12:30-2:30 pm. on ABC 7’s 7.2 (Comcast Channel 217 and Wide Open West Channel 101). ABC 7 will also stream the parade live at An encore presentation of the Columbus Day Parade will air on Saturday, October 18th at noon on ABC 7. The parade will be presented commercial free. read more…

Little Italy Cleveland Art Walk & Columbus Day Parade (Univ. Circle / Cleveland) read more…

Denver Parade News:
Protesters do not plan to interfere with the Columbus Day Parade on Saturday as they have in previous years.
A leader of the movement to end the Columbus Day parade, said Thursday that lawyers for the protesters need a break.
The same lawyers who defended the Columbus Day protesters last year – when 83 people were arrested – also represented some of the same people after arrests during the Democratic National Convention.
“That’s thousands of dollars worth of legal work that’s done for us. You have to be respectful of their time and their resources,” Spagnuolo said.
The Columbus Day parade begins at 10 a.m. at Court Place and 15th Street. It follows a route that circles about a half- dozen blocks and ends on Broadway.
George Vendegnia, who heads the parade committee, said he can do without protests.
“That would be nice,” he said.
Opponents will rally instead near the Capitol before the parade, Spagnuolo said.
Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said, “We’ll be adequately staffed for the parade.”
Jackson said the opponents don’t have a parade permit, but noted they don’t need one as long as their activities remain on the sidewalk.

Denver is asked to join objections to Columbus Day parade content – DENVER – The city of Denver is gearing up for its annual pre-Columbus Day parade Oct. 11, an event that has placed Colorado’s capital squarely at the epicenter of a recurring debate about the Columbian legacy and the character of Christopher Columbus himself. read more from Indian Country today…

Denver Post Rises to Defense of Columbus Day Parade read more from ’07 Denver Post article…
The Denver Post calls on American Indians to Protest IF they Must, But, Do it Peacably.
It also branded as “a vile and unnecessary attack” the American Indian branding the Italian-Americans who celebrate their culture and long history in Colorado that day as “racists” !!!!!!!

Columbus Day parade organizer: Protesters got “a little spanking on the hand” read more…

LIV Columbus Day Regatta – Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12 – Miami to the Florida Keys

Welcome to the Greater New Haven Columbus Day Committee web site read more…

Historic and Contemporary Award-Winning Maseratis in New York City Columbus Day Parade read more…
Columbus Citizens Exotic Car Raffle

No. 1 world rated junior welterweight contender Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi (25-1, 5 KOs) briefly returns home this weekend from his Las Vegas training camp, where he is preparing for his November 22nd showdown against Ricky Hatton to determine the world’s read more…

Columbus Day Parade – Join thousands on Fifth Avenue on Monday to celebrate the contributions of New York’s Italian-American community. Admiral Edmund Giambastiani Jr. will serve as grand marshal for the procession up Fifth Avenue from 47th Street to 79th Street from noon until 3PM.

“Columbus Day parade Sunday on S. Broad St.” The city will celebrate Columbus Day on Sunday with a giant parade in South Philadelphia. This year’s grand marshal is Hollywood actress Connie Stevens (born Concetta Rosalie Anna Ingoglia).
The parade, which celebrates Italian culture and traditions, will start from Broad and Reed Streets at 12:15 p.m. and proceed south on Broad to Oregon Avenue and Marconi Plaza, where the Italian Festival will be held. Local streets will be closed during that time.

10/10/2008 06:50 AM | Via: Pittsburgh Post Gazette
“Columbus Day Parade set for Bloomfield tomorrow”

Pittsburgh’s Italian-American community will celebrate Columbus Day with a parade tomorrow down Bloomfield’s Liberty Avenue. The grand marshal is Carla E. Lucente, the city’s Italian consul and a Romance languages professor at Duquesne University read more…

More than 400,000 revelers are expected at San Francisco’s 140th ANNUAL ITALIAN HERITAGE PARADE on Sunday, October 12, 2008, as the City’s oldest civic event and the nation’s oldest Italian-American parade and community celebration winds its way from Fisherman’s Wharf to North Beach. A San Francisco institution since it was established in 1868, the 2008 Parade is promising to be bigger, better and more colorful than ever read more…

A sunny salute to Italian-Americans at Columbus Day Parade
Sunday, October 12, 2008
Special to the Times
HAMILTON — It wasn’t just Italian pride that swelled yesterday, but county pride as hundreds of area residents came out to see the Mercer County Italian-American Festival Association’s Columbus Day Parade.
The fourth annual parade began near the Five Points intersection and proceeded along Nottingham Way to the sound of bagpipes, a brass band and Italian music read more…

The 2008 Westerly Columbus Day Parade will kick off at 1:00 PM, Sunday, October 12, 2008, from the corner of Tower and Granite Streets, Westerly read more…

The day is known as Día de la Raza in much of Latin America, Discovery Day in the Bahamas, and Día de la Hispanida (Hispanic Day) in Spain.

FYITranscontinental Interstate 10 serves the southern tier of the United States by providing the main east-west link from Santa Monica and Greater Los Angeles in the west to Jacksonville in the east. Major cities served by Interstate 10 include Los Angeles, California; Phoenix, Arizona; El Paso, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Houston, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Jacksonville, Florida. This route is known as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, and it is one of three coast-to-coast Interstates (the others being Interstates 80 and 90).

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Miceli’s Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, California

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Soups ON...

[From a previous post]

Four of us went to Miceli’s for dinner…Miceli’s is the Oldest Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles…It shares the honors with Fior d’ Italia, which is the oldest restaurant in San Francisco, in fact it’s the oldest Italian restaurant in America (1886.)

On the trip we went into Hollywood (saw the sign) had snacks at Farmer’s Market on Fairfax Ave.  [Farmer’s Market is fadding in the maze of stores that surround it now.  Nothing of substance like the Market has been added.]

 MICELI’S Italian restaurant in Hollywood, California

1646 N Las Palmas Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 466-3438

 Miceli's sign...     Miceli's interior...


Visit the LasVegasBuffetClub page for Miceli’s:’s.htm

Velvet Yogurt in San Clemente, CA

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Velvet Yogurt – Self-serve Frozen Yogurt in San Clemente, CA.
(949) 276-4625
120 S. El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA 92672

Uniquely appealing, light-weight Velvet Yogurt charges by the ounce. Choose the cup size you want, then choose your favorite yogurt – like Irish Mint, choose a topping – like chocolate, then add some fruit – like raspberries, then weigh it on the scale. Purchase as much or as little as you like.

If you enjoyed a taste of this, link to the LVBC BLOG post for Denver, Colorado’s Little Man Ice Cream…

Although it has nothing to do with Velvet Yogurt, the following movie shows a clip of San Clemente’s train-depot on the beach..

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Las Vegas, NV, San Clemente, CA and Durango, CO

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We stayed at the Riviera Las Vegas in mid September. Overall it was a good stay. The Riv sent mail, advertising a pretty good hotel rate. I picked mid-week days to keep the price down and we hit the road. The deal was as follows: 3 nights at around $40.00 per night, two tickets to ICE (the ice show from Russia,) two breakfast buffets and a $200.00 gas rebate coupon. The room was basic but nice: new heavy mattresses, flat screen TV, nice appointments, safe, hair dryer and refrigerator. We got the comps for the Breakfast Buffet. I declined the show tickets since I saw ICE opening night around two years ago and Susan wasn’t into it. We could have traded the tickets for another show, just didn’t. The gas rebate, as I understand it is as follows: for every $100.00 in gas receipts (driving to Las Vegas) you get $25.00. I’ll be doing this through snail mail and I’ll let you know how it turns out…The buffet room is comfortable. The food lines had all the basics. All said, there were no problems – with the buffet. The only [Other than the weisel-esoteric humor] annoyances we encountered were the people from that Vegas Resort that advertises two free nights in Las Vegas. The people pestered us every time we walked through the hotel. Their manager left me with mental indigestion…
The San Lorenzo Italian Restaurant at the Texas Station Hotel served us a fine dinner. We had a delicious Eggplant Parmesan with a nice salad…Reservations are recommended, call (702) 631-1023.
The Riviera had a bank of WMS’ Monopoly slots. I watched in fascination… WMS’ Monopoly slots are superlative in their sound and video capabilities. WMS definitely has the latest edge over IGT…I wonder if the stock would be a good bet. Right now with the economy, SURE…They do have the best video display I’ve ever seen on a slot….If you played Pinball, you’ve played WMS – AKA- WILLIAMS…
Tony L has been hanging out at the Tuscany Suites and Casino on Flamingo in Las Vegas. It’s rather small for Las Vegas, but the locals seem to like it.
Moving on to Southern California we had an afternoon diversion in Dana Point at Turk’s Restaurant (34683 Golden Lantern St. Dana Point, CA 92629 (949) 496-9028)
How cool is this place…Think Old Man and The Sea – full beard sipping Bloody Mary’s after a day of fishing – with a Harbor view…Very nice…

Fisherman’s Restaurant in San Clemente, CA is a delightful place to spend a HAPPY HOUR – or any other hour…Grab a table (on the pier,) order an adult beverage and an appetizer and watch the surfers or just watch the surf…
Fisherman’s Restaurant in San Clemente (Nice website – view the San Clemente Pier Web Cam)
611 Avenida Victoria
San Clemente, CA 92672 (949) 498-6390

Fisherman's Restaurant on the San Clemente pier...

We went into Hollywood and had coffee and salads at The Farmer’s Market – World-class people watching…Come evening, four of us went to Miceli’s for dinner

Miceli's Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, CA...__________ Miceli's Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, Ca...

Miceli’s is the Oldest Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles…It shares the honors with Fior d’ Italia, which is the oldest restaurant in San Francisco, in fact Fior d’ Italia is the oldest Italian restaurant in America (1886.)…
Synchronicity might be the definitive word to describe the freaky coincidence that found us riding (on The Durango / Silverton Narrow Gauge Train) over the bridge (Baker’s Bridge) that Paul Newman and Robert Redford jumped from in the movie: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid – on the day Paul Newman passed…”What we have here is an attempt to communicate.”
Beyond the Paul Newman thing, We had the good fortune – and good timing – to ride the train up to Silverton – at just the right time of year: the changing colors of the leaves were magnificent and the weather was perfect.

Durango/Silverton narrow-gauge train...__________Animas River in Durango, Colorado...

I recommend this trip, which is an all day excursion from Durango, Colorado to Silverton, Colorado on an ancient Coal/Steam, narrow-gauge train. The trip is several hours each way with a two-hour layover in Silverton, where you can walk around town, have lunch or a drink. Speaking of drinks, the train has a mess car where you can purchase food, coffee, beer and drinks. The train edges along mountain passes and follows the pristine Animas River. This is like the the perfect all-day Disney ride to the top of the mountain…Click the link for complete information, including ticket purchase.

John Wayne & Buddy Holly “That’l Be the Day.”

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The other day, I rented a classic Western movie: (John Ford’s)THE SEARCHERS, which incidently is rated number 2 or 3 on my list of classic Westerns. (The reason it’s rated 2 or 3 is because my top two are either tied for first place, or they’re rated 1 & 2, I can’t decide.)

The following video is the original Trailer for THE SEARCHERS:

I had been thinking about this movie for a while, as I usually do for a part of each year; probably have since 1956. One time, while watching John Wayne utter the phrase “That’l Be The Day” about a half-dozen times, I thought to myself: “UMMMM! 1956! – That’l Be The Day!” “I’ll bet Buddy Holly was watching that movie back in Lubback, Texas in 1956 and that phrase got stuck in his head, so he picked up his Fender [guitar] and wrote the song (That’l Be The Day.)

Well I finally found an internet article that mentions this idea: “That’l Be the Day.” The title and lyrical phrase, lifted from a line that John Wayne was always quoting in the John Ford movie The Searchers. Click the link and scroll down…Here is another link that mentions it; and another!

Other articles state that the British group: THE SEARCHERS (Needles and Pins & Love Potion Number 9, just to name two of their mega-hit songs.) took their name from the movie. This information is from The Searchers’ [band] website…

The COASTERS 1957 R&R hit: SEARCHIN’, by Leiber and Stoller on Atco Records – I’m betting – is also somewhere in the mix. I can’t confirm this hypothetical yet. If I can, I’ll post it here.

My Top Two Westerns? In alphabetical order: HIGH NOON , starring: Gary Cooper, Lloyd Bridges, Grace Kelly, Katy Jurado and Ian MacDonald, released 7 July 1952 and SHANE, starring: Allan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Van Heflin, Brandon De Wilde, Jack Palance and Ben Johnson, released September 24, 1953

A bit of irony exsists in the juxtaposition of two of the movies which are mentioned in this post: John Wayne had big problems with the politics of High Noon; he felt that there was a strong, leftist, message in the film. Some refer to the movie as an “anti-McCarthyism western.”
“Although he complained that High Noon (1952) was “un-American”, when he collected Gary Cooper’s Oscar on his behalf, he also complained that he wasn’t offered the part himself.”

Here are just a few reasons why these films are rated so highly in my book:

The following clip includes the final gunfight in SHANE:
Alan Ladd’s character SHANE “calls out” hired gunfighter Jack Wilson (Jack Palance) in the saloon, after a long, emotion-building-ride into town. With one of cinema’s most memorable, provocative lines, Shane responds to Wilson’s query: “What have you heard Shane (about me)?”
“I’ve heard that you’re a low-down Yankee liar.”

This is a clip from HIGH NOON. It is the slow-paced, methodic, (opening) Title Sequence: The Miller Gang assembles to ride into town to meet the High Noon Train carrying “Boss *Frank Miller” (Ian MacDonald,) just released from prison and seeking revenge from the sheriff (Gary Cooper) who put him there. Underscoring the entire clip and most of the movie is the brilliant, haunting song, “High Noon,” sung by Tex Ritter (the late John Ritter’s father.) The music is by Dimitri Tiomkin and the lyrics are by Ned Washington.

NATALIE WOOD’S younger sister, LANA WOOD played the young Debbie Edwards in THE SEARCHERS. The searchers were searching – all the while – for Debbie Edwards
The Cinematographer for HIGH NOON was Floyd Crosby, who was the father of Rock and Roll’r David Crosby.
From the movie SHANE: “YOU SPEAKING TO ME” says SHANE to provacateur Chris Calloway (Ben Johnson) before the gunfight in the saloon (see video clip.)
YOU TALKING TO ME” says Robert De Niro, talking to the mirror,
in the movie TAXI DRIVER ( 1976.) Here’s a bit of conjecture: The line originated from 1) The Twilight Zone 2) Shane 3) De Niro…

*[The Ian MacDonald character, Frank Miller scared the heck out of me the first time I saw the movie – still does! Three faces in cinema that have that effect on me are: Ian Macdonald’s, Frank Miller High Noon, Jack Palance’s , Jack Wilson Shane and Vincent Price’s, Prof. Henry Jarrod in 1953’s THE HOUSE OF WAX – all three are pure evil, like Frankenstein, Dracula and The Wolf Man.]

Click this link to access a site that may or may not have Buddy Holly Home Recordings from November-December, 1956 [at] 1926, 19th Street, Lubbock, Texas: Buddy Holly: vocal, guitar; Jerry Allison: drums and vocals; (Poss.) Don Guess: bass.

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Larry Levine – Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” recording engineer dies at 80.

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LOS ANGELESLarry Levine, the recording engineer who helped Phil Spector re-invent rock ‘n’ roll music with his “Wall of Sound” technique and won a Grammy for his work with Herb Alpert, died on his 80th birthday, his family said Tuesday read more from: LINDA DEUTSCH , AP Special Correspondent

Listen to: Ike & Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” from 1966 – Phil Spector & Larry Levine’s Wall of Sound.

LVBC’S Real Fast Denver to San Clemente Amtrak Train Trip Video on YouTube.

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Please give the following video time to load…If the screen is black, wait for the arrow to appear then click it…(right click the screen for controls.)

……….Real Fast Denver to San Clemente AMTRAK Train Trip on YouTube……….

This is a Las Vegas Buffet Club video of a REAL FAST Amtrak Train Trip from Denver, Colorado to San Clemente, California.
Play the video from this page, click to begin / or…
Access the Las Vegas Buffet Club’s YouTube link here or click the YouTube link – on your right, under website…