Life is Beautiful, Nunsense, Dayna Roselli and More

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The Most Reverend Monti Rock lll
The Most Reverend Monti Rock lll

This post is reprinted from The Most Reverend Monti Rock llls pages.

Monti Rock
October 10 at 2:35pm ·

Life is Beautiful, Nunsense, Dayna Roselli and More

A reminder with a slight correction: Arthur Kasarjian is bringing us the Jay Harvey Production of “Nunsense,” the hit musical that has audiences laughing hysterically wherever it plays. It opens on Nov 2nd in the Kahunaville Dinner Theater at Treasure Island, not at a the Westgate as previously listed.

The “Life is Beautiful” festival proved that life CAN be beautiful as was seen in downtown Las Vegas from Sept. 25-Sept 27. The area was buzzing with 100,000 people who came out to see a multitude of musical acts. The weather was absolutely incredible. It shows you how the young rock ‘n’ rollers all get together for these monumental events and have a wonderful time without any violence. Though the festival fell short of the level of last years’ entertainers, there were entertaining acts like The Killers, Shamir, Snoop Dogg, and Imagine Dragons. The showstoppers were Stevie Wonder, Brandon Flowers, and Duran Duran. It boiled down to three 3 sets, 10 hours each, of non-stop music. Food and beer vendors, as well as local businesses, made money, thereby assuring that there will be more festivals to come for the next few years.

George Strait is the first performer to be signed for the soon-to-open Las Vegas Arena. George, one of the really greats of country music, will be here in April as part of his national tour. The iconic performer will be doing what he does best — singing and playing his guitar. His shows don’t rely on background dancers and/or special effects, only his talent. Country music has found a home in Las Vegas where Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Reba McEntire and Brooks and Dunn have all been very successful.

For months I’ve been talking about the lack of lounge acts in this town save for Matt Goss at Caesars Palace. Now, many more top properties are reportedly ready to open lounges with top-drawer acts. We need the jazz rooms, and great lounge comedians like those of the past to supplement the big showroom extravaganzas to give us a place to be entertained afterward. I was what I consider a mediocre lounge act in the late ’60s prior to becoming Disco Tex. Caesars was looking for an attraction and lo and behold they signed me, a gay, singing hairdresser from New York. This didn’t last very long but it was the beginning of a long career full of TV appearances, some films, one of the most popular disco albums of that era and now a successful gossip and food columnist in Las Vegas.

Sammy Davis Jr., after all these years, finally had a street named after him adjacent to Dean Martin Drive and Frank Sinatra Drive. Sammy’s family was there for this naming, which was a long time coming. Sammy, one of the greatest entertainers of all time, finally got the recognition he deserves.

Las Vegas has become a great showcase for some of today’s most successful musicians, namely the bands Imagine Dragon and The Killers. With the proper marketing, deep pockets and properties that believe in them, these acts and many others can find staying power and remain popular for many years. Without the marketing and properties behind them, they only get their 15 minutes of fame.

Dayna Roselli, one of my favorite newscasters, is coming back to the Las Vegas TV scene. She will be one of the morning anchors at KTNV-TV, Channnel 13. She had been on radio since leaving KXNT . It’s good to have her back as she makes the morning news a must-watch.

Dancing With the Stars had some new drama last week, as Kim Zolciak suffered a mini-stroke after dancing on the show. She was seemingly fine until she landed back in Atlanta. Her quick-thinking family rushed her to the hospital from which she was released the next day. Aside from flying, she has the go-ahead to dance.Since she can’t fly to Los Angeles, the shows’ producers had to have her withdraw from this season. Some people (talk show host Wendy Williams for one) suggested the stroke was faked because Kim couldn’t handle the arduous practice sessions. There is considerable bad blood between the two women. Wendy is known to be very outspoken but she should be careful of what she says without proper research. We wish Kim a full, speedy recovery.

As I’ve said before what is happening at Planet Hollywood is quite the news. Pitbull was there for a seven-day mini-residency and really knocked them dead. His high energy, talent and personality will surely help bring him back on a more regular basis. Britney Spears is so successful there that she now has a Britney slot machine, which people wait in line to play.

With the addition of Jennifer Lopez and Lionel Ritchie, Planet Hollywood has a top-notch line-up, which is hard to beat. Originally founded by Robert Earl and now under the Caesars Entertainment umbrella, the hotel is doing the business it was hoped for. Robert, incidentally, has a new show on the Food Channel in which he shares with you his favorite four-star restaurants, food trucks, and other hidden gems of the dining world.

Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld returns to Caesars Colosseum for 2 nights, Dec 26th –27th. He has been bringing us his hilarious stand-up routines to the Colosseum since 2009. Tickets can be purchased by calling 1-888-929-7849 or visiting

Gordie Brown brings us “A night of celebration, just for the hell of it” on Oct 14th at the Golden Nugget. Gordie has played well over 1400 performances at this venue and will be giving us his brand of impersonations along with comedy and music.

Last week yours truly, a “Humpty Dumpty,” wannabe had a great fall. My ego, rib cage and of course this famous face got bruised. Thanks for the many well wishes from my Facebook friends among others. I’m doing what the Jerome Kern/Dorothy Fields song says –“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

The Rev. Monti once again wishes you only the best

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