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Australian Guitarist Tommy Emannuel: An important guitarist on the short list with Les Paul, Chet Atkins, even Django Reinhardt

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First published December 3, 2012

Tommy Emmanuel
Tommy Emmanuel

I was watching one of those stations that have the member, money-drives and saw, more importantly, heard this guy playing the guitar. Without sounding too much like a little girl, Ohh Myy Godd! I can barely remember being so impressed listening to a guitarist for the first time. Maybe Django Reinhardt or (going way back,) Andres Segovia were two guitarists who were as impressive.

Check out his long, slim fingers fingers…

Anyway Tommy Emmanuel must be considered one of the very best pop/jazz/rock/blues/finger-style picker guitarists in the world,,, if not the best.

If I’m the last one to discover his music, just like Columbus discovering America, tough t—y.

Tommy Emmanuel’s Official Website