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Cannabis Holiday Health Fair in Denver, Colorado

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High Times Magazine
High Times Magazine
The Cannabis Holiday Health Fair in Denver, Colorado will be held on Sunday, Dec. 13, 200910:00 am to 4:00 pm; Location: Holiday Inn Denver-Central, 4849 Bannock St., Denver, CO.

The Cannabis Health Fair is a public and legislative outreach event designed to answer questions about cannabis as medicine and how to become a legal patient in Colorado.

Absolutely no cannabis medicine is allowed at this event. There will be information, exhibits and videos of cannabis, as well as unique gifts for the holidays.

Exhibitors include medical cannabis dispensaries and collectives, caregiving businesses, therapists and holistic health practitioners, cannabis research businesses, medical cannabis attorneys and business consultants, advocacy groups, lawmakers, and many others fields related to medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Click here for a current list of exhibitors.

Continue reading from The Cannabis Therapy Institute’s Website

Cannabis Therapy Institute
P.O. Box 19084, Boulder, CO 80308
Phone: 877-420-4205
Web: www.cannabistherapyinstitute.com
Email: info@cannabistherapyinstitute.com

The LasVegasBuffetClub endorses Medical Marijuana.

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Denver artist Jesse DuBois hard at work at Whole Foods Market

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Jesse Dubois
Jesse DuBois
click to large

I snapped this photo of Denver artist Jesse Dubois at the Whole Foods store on South Colorado Blvd. Jesse had an easel set up in the cafe section of the market. The (accidental) sepia tones in the photograph are not altogether unlike the colors in some of Jesse’s pastels. I think the back-lighting created the effect.

I first met Jesse years ago when he had an easel set up in a shopping mall. He was trying to work between periodic harrassments from mall-punks. Jesse has certainly paid his “dues,” and he has evolved into a fine artist.

One of his major works, a bronze sculpture of a female, Denver physician, can be seen at the end of the train-line in the Five Points area of Denver.

The following link has some information on Jesse, and one can view more of his work:

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Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado – Sold Out

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Great American Beer Festival
Great American Beer Festival
photo GABF
The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado – September 24-26, 2009 is sold out.

The 2010 Great American Beer Festival will be held on September 16-18, 2010. Next year’s festival tickets will go on sale in June 2010.

“The Great American Beer Festival not only offers the chance to sample some of the finest beers the world; it offers multiple opportunities to learn about all things beer. Take some time to discover the various areas that make up what we call Great American Beer School. Here, you can explore the world of beer and food, learn about the brewers behind your favorite beer, understand what judges look for in a beer or pick up a few books to learn more about our favorite beverage. The Great American Beer School goes beyond tasting and delves into the craft beer experience. Check out these enlightening and interactive areas.”

2009 GABF Quick Stats
3,362 Beers in the GABF Competition
2,100 Beers served in the hall
495 Breweries represented in the hall
73 Beers entered into the Pro-Am Competition
51 Breweries attending for the first time

Some information is from the GABF wesite.

Visit the official website of the Great American Beer Festival

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Hottest dinner ticket in Denver: Patsy’s Inn on First Friday

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Patsy's Inn 
Credit: LasVegasBuffetClub, file photo
Patsy's Inn
Credit: LasVegasBuffetClub, file photo

I was doing Navajo street’s “First Fridays Art Walk” on, guess what, Friday night, and was drawn to *Patsy’s (Patsy’s Inn restaurant ) front door like the proverbial moth to a flame. Actually my first stop was going to be Patsy’s. The open door of Patsy’s was emenating energy not altogether unlike the exceptionally bright, (almost) full moon. Maybe it was more like a bonfire, which was burning, in the midst of the smaller campfires – lights from gallery windows. Whatever it was, it was an energy fest.

In addition to the (half-dozen) open art galleries, there was a birthday party (or some other kind of party) going on at the restaurant, adding immensely to the overall ambience of the evening. The entire block was “happening.” Oh yea, the Bug Theater, across the street from Patsy’s was open for business: “Modern Muse Theatre Presents: “SPEED THE PLOW” by David Mamet.”

When I say “it was happening,” I don’t just mean activity, I’m talking classy people in a classy scene. I was at another place near 8th & Colorado Blvd. (which I won’t name) earlier in the evening. The crowd were a bunch of dead-brains with not enough collective imagination to have a bad idea! (I’ve got to write that place off…)

After Patsy’s I headed a block south to the D Gallery ( I received an email invite to their METRO RETRO show.) What a fine gallery. The food spread was tastefully executed – a veritable work of art. I also found two other delicious pieces d’art: artists Jim Petty and Marlene Feinholz each had, at least, one work that passed my threshold test….

*By the way, Patsy’s Inn is a long-time favorite, old-school, neighborhood, Italian restaurant that has been around since the 1920s.
PATSY’S INN Italian Restaurant
3651 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211

Cherry Creek Art Festival – 2009

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heavy-metalsteel_fred-conl2 This Heavy Metal Dead Head (metal and steel) was welded from pieces of steel, metal, nuts and bolts, tools and other misc. pieces by Fred Conlon / Sugar Post (see below.)
[ Photograph is reproduced with permission of the artist. ]

19th Annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival July 3, 4, 5, 2009 Denver, Colorado, USA

“350,000 visitors annually enjoy the visual, culinary and performing arts and interactive activities for the whole family. Experience Colorado’s signature and award-winning cultural event!” read more and access the Official Cherry Creek Arts Festival’s Website…

I attended the 2009 Cherry Creek Art Festival on July 3rd and 4th. The show got rained out, AGAIN……………..on the 3rd.

No, I don’t know everything, however, I know what I like. I like the following artists’ work (not in any particular order.)

The following links will take you to the CCAF page (click on the artist’s name for information and an example of their work,) and a website or page with information about the artist:

Larry Preston – Oil painting (I remember these oils from a past show…)
Festival Booth #88 – Plainfield, MA
Larry Preston , website

Loretta Petraitis – Stark Oil Paintings of industrial scenes.
Festival Booth #144 – Saint Petersburg, FL
Loretta Petraitis, website

Jon Smith Art – Oil on Canvas
Festival Booth #171 – Clearwater, FL
Jon Smith Art, website

Fred Conlon – Sugar Post Metal Art – Whimsical metal/steel sculpture. (see photo above)
Festival Booth #3 – Salt Lake City, UT
Fred Conlon – Sugar Post Metal Art, website

Jeffery Berryman – Oil on rivited sheet metal.
Festival Booth #232 – Kersey, CO
Jeffery Berryman, website

Jeffrey Zachmann – Kinetic Sculptor
Festival Booth #115 – Fergus Fall, MN
Jeffrey Zachmann, website

Stephen Hayes – Mixed Media
Festival Booth #97 – Petersborough, Ontario, Canada
No website available

Jerry Berta – Ceramic & neon sculptures
Festival Booth #195 – Rockford, MI
Jerry Berta, website

Gary Seidel – Photography
Festival Booth #126 – Davie, FL
Can’t find a website

Stephen Sebastian -Painting, Graphics & Printmaking
Festival Booth #101, 102 – High Point, NC
No website

Marie Vlasic – Photo-Realistic Oils on canvas and board (serious nudes)
Festival Booth #216 – Denver, CO
Marie Vlasic, website

Access the Cherry Creek Art Festival’s Official Website…
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Good Karma on South Broadway

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Click to enlarge

22 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
ph: 303-871-0167
alt: 303-871-0338

There is a restaurant one-half block south of North Broadway in Denver, Colorado that gives good Karma. Karma is an Asian Fusion restaurant, at 22 South Broadway, in that ‘tween area (the line of demarcation between North and South Broadway – give or take a block or two) that is enjoying a proliferation of restaurants and bars: Beatrice & Woodsley, Blue Ice, Deluxe, Go Fish, Hi-Dive, Hornet, Irish Rover, Karma, Mona’s, Spicy Basil and Three Kings (also: Barry’s, Famous Pizza, Swift Steak House) …These are just the restaurants on Broadway. This area is smok’n hot.

This post is about good Karma – Karma the restaurant. Entering Karma is like walking into a dream. The dining room is tastefully, dark. High, dark, wood paneling on the walls, behind tables, creates depth. A hostess-station/take-out counter/alter commands attention with an orange, acrylic, lit-from-within, sculpture of a large head (with large earrings,) seemingly watching over the room. A ruby-red, crystal chandelier hangs, mystically, above. Other brass-toned Asian art, a full size Buddha and other artifacts adorn the restaurant.

The menu is a fusion of primarily: Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines. As one ponders the sizable menu and “takes in” the dream-state decor, a metal cup containing ice-water is brought to the table.

On our first visit, we ordered: Green Curry
“Historically known as the Queen of all curries. Spicy green curry, sweet basil, eggplants, green beans, bell peppers, zuchinni, broccoli, bamboo shoots simmered in coconut milk.” $9.00
and Coconut Shrimp (6)……………………..6.95

The curry was served in a hot-pot, and it was two-ways, hot-hot. The curry flavor was not overpowering, as curry sometimes is. There was a background taste of mint in the dish, which consisted of a thick broth/soup with the previously mentioned veggies. I ordered the Green Curry with Tofu.

The Coconut Shrimp was served with a mint flavored (ginger?) dipping sauce. Next time I would request that the shrimp were a bit less “done.” They were just this side of being burnt. Then again, maybe they were perfect. The crispyness added another dimension of flavor.

On the menu: Asian Tappas (2.95-8.95,) Salads (7.95- 10.95,) Soups (1.50-9.95,) Karma Specials (10.95-14.95,) Karma Wok (Dinner 8.50-9.25,) Karma Wok (Lunch 6.50-7.00,) Noodles and Rice (7.95 10.95,) Karma Pho (7.95-9.95,) Karma Thai Curries (Lunch 6.50-Dinner 8.95,) Desserts and Beverages, including Beer, Wine, Sake, and a limited selection of hard liquor.

The appropriate, background music was puncuated with drums, cymbals and bells.

Peruse Karma’s complete menu on Karma’s Official Website

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Old School! New School! Two Italian Restaurants In Denver: PATSY’S INN Italian Restaurant and PARISI Pizzeria, Deli and Trattoria.

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PATSY’S Italian Restaurant
3651 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 477-8910

Patsy's Italian Restaurant
Patsy's Italian Restaurant-click to enlarge

“With a history that spans more than 80 years, Patsy’s Italian Restaurant is Denver’s oldest Italian restaurant. Founded in 1921 by the Aiello family, Patsy’s has undergone a few changes over the years but the heart and soul of tradition have remained the same.” read more from Patsy’s website…

This has been one of my favorite Denver restaurants for years. “It’s the restaurant stupid!” I mean the restaurant itself, the physical property: the dining room, the kitchen, the bar, the little shaded-lamps on the walls of the booths, the booths, the [1]two-way mirror behind the bar, the back-room behind the two-way mirror, the mural along one wall, and the fact that they haven’t changed a single, solitary-thing – as far as I know – in decades! These are the things that make Patsy’s, Patsy’s. The photos on the walls and bar have been there since the summer of 1921. O.K. I don’t really know that, but…

Imagine a Marty Scorsese film: Brooklin, NY (1959) “A quiet summer evening in a neighborhood restaurant – cut to a Ted Williams’ Louisville Slugger.” Somebody “whacks” somebody. Ba-Da-Bing! Ba-Da-Boom! The End! Fugedaboudit!

Patsy’s has been serving the same Italian food for years, from at least three different owners. And the food is authentic and tasty, if you like Southern-Italian cuisine. I happen to like it.

From Patsy’s menu:
“Pasta! Served with your choice of soup or salad and Patsy’s original spaghetti sauce”
Homemade Spaghetti – Patsy’s Specialty! ($9.50.) Check the menu on Patsy’s website for other pastas.

From the menu:
House Favorites! Includes bread and your choice of soup or salad”
Baked Lasagna or Eggplant Lasagna – Sausage or lightly breaded baked eggplant, layered with pasta, Patsy’s original spaghetti sauce ricotta, romano and provolone. Topped with mozzarella ($13.00)

Putanesca – A spicy specialty of Trastevere. Tomatoes, capers, calamata olives and red pepper, with white wine and olive oil over fettucine ($11.00)
Topped with grilled chicken breast ($14.00)

Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan – Tender chicken breast rolled in seasoned bread crumbs, or seasoned baked eggplant. Topped with Patsy’s original spaghetti sauce, parmesan and mozzarella, with homemade spaghetti ($14.00) Check the menu on Patsy’s website for more entrees.

Also: Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Desserts, Sandwiches, Lunches, Wines and a Full Bar with a dozen stools

We were told that a relative of the original owner/family (The Aiellos) is the new owner and proprietor of Patsy’s Inn. Patsy’s has a huge parking lot on Navajo – 1/4 block north of the restaurant.

Access Patsy’s Official Website with menu, photos, directions and more…

Memo to Martin Scorsese and other Film Industry execs: You used Las Vegas’ Peppermill’s lounge in “Casino”and The Golden Gate’s, Bay City Diner in “Pay It Forward.” Give this place a try. Fugedaboudit!
[1] The “backing” behind the glass has been removed. The “two-way” mirror is now just clear glass. “I saw you looking at the glass.”

PARISI Pizzeria, Deli and Trattoria
4401 Tennyson St.
Denver, Colorado 80212

Parisi-click to enlarge

I was driving down Tennyson the other day and saw sidewalk tables and thought I saw a big white sign that read “Paris,” and underneath the sign, “Pizzeria.” I chortled and thought to myself: the French have joined in the *Denver Pizza Wars. Of course, the sign read: Parisi – the last i was obscured.

I made a mental note to return. Tonight I did. Parisi is a Tuscan-California-Modern-style, “hip and now” Pizzeria/Restaurant/Deli in an older north-west Denver neighborhood.

“You can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Not that the old building is a sow’s ear, it’s just that Parisi did a remarkable job redoing the plain-jane building. The restaurant’s interior is fresh, shiny and new. Visual flavors of a Tuscan village are imparted by the architecture, as well as flavors of a modern Califormia restaurant.

Ordering food offers a twist: walk up to a counter, order and pay. One is issued a seat (by number,) one sits – someone brings your order to the table.

Lotsa-Pasta is on the menu: mostly Penne w/this or, Spaghetti w/that, Lasagna, Gnocchi etc. See all available pastas by clicking on Parisi’s website link (below.)

Specialty Pizzas (11″ and 14″) are available (from $8.99 to $15.99,) for example: Prosciutto and Funghi (prosciutto cotto and mushrooms) $10.99 / $14.99. (For you and me, that’s ‘shrooms & ham.)
Also: Calzones ($10.99,) Panini (6″ $5.99 – 10″ $7.49,) Focaccia ($7.99,) Salads, Daily Specials and more. Click Parisi’s link to view the full menu (below.)

There is a wood-oven and pizza prep “stage” with a few seats – watch the pizza assembly with a glass of wine (wine starts at about five bucks.) The Parisi on-site Deli has prepared foods, canned goods, cheeses, dry-pastas, and a small on-the-wall dining table with a few stools.

On our first visit, we ordered the Lasagne ($7.49,) and a dinner salad (1.99.) First blush revealed an unexpected sight: the plate of Lasagne had an orange tint. Whoa, it looked as though the Lasagna was topped with grated, yellow cheese. Whew! We inquired and found out the orange color was from grated carrots. Although not a large portion, and a bit overcooked the Lasagna was good, still a bit different. The nice mixed-greens / spinich, dinner salad was a deal at two bucks. I want to return to try the gnocchi, spaghetti and pizza. Overall the expierience was positive.

firenza a tavola is a formal restaurant “secretely found down the stairwell adjacent to our ordering line.” Part wine-celler, part high-end, basement restaurant, firenza a tavola is very warm and cozy, with a 2nd (small) bar.

On the menu: Zuppe e Insalate ($5-$10,) Antipasti Dalla Cucina ($9-$13,) Prosciutti ($8-$14,) Primi ($17-$20,) Secondi ($21-$32.)

For example: Cacciucco alla Livornese! Traditional seafood stew of Livorno made of slow simmered sea bass, mussels, scallops, shrimp and cuttlefish in an aromatic stew of shellfish stock, garlic, chili flakes, parsley and white wine, served with garlic rubbed ciabatta crostini ($21.)

Click here to see Parisi’s full menu…

(*Competition for Denver pizza business between some Greek-Americans and Italian-Americans.”)

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Spotlight on TOCABE – An American Indian Eatery – in Denver, Colorado

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Tocabe Logo

Tocabe -An American Indian Eatery
44th and Lowell
Denver, CO 80211
Phone: 720.524.8282

3 5 3 6 We s t 4 4 t h A v e . D e n v e r C O , 8 0 2 1 1 t e l e p h o n e 7 2 0 . 5 2 4 . 8 2 8 2

Years ago when I was traveling through New Mexico with the actress/dancer – make that – singer/dancer/actress, we stopped at a mall on Rodeo Road in Santa Fe and happened upon a restaurant that served Indian Fry Bread Tacos. It was a fast food outlet, just like a McDucks or The King, except for the fact that they sold Indian Tacos. Yes indeed, Santa Fe is a special place. I’ve only had access to this Native culinary treat a few times since.


click image to enlarge

Hallelujah, we stumbled upon an Indian Taco restaurant in Denver, Colorado: Tocabe “An American Indian Eatery” on West 44th Ave. serves a definitive Indian Fry Bread Taco. An Indian Fry Bread Taco is: a leavened, round, flat, deep-fried, dough base topped with: beans, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, salsas, peppers, and meats like ground beef or shredded beef. Any standard taco ingredients can be used. A good Indian taco will have fresh ingredients. Tocabe serves good Indian tacos. Tocabe’s ingredients are absolutely, market fresh.

Indian Fry Bread Taco - Wiki

Indian Fry Bread Taco - Wiki

The restaurant is sparkling, bright and clean, California / modern with a serve-yourself counter, tables & chairs in the main dinning area and on a patio. 3 huge ‘Hand’ sculpture-lights on one wall defiantly claim the space for Native America. A painting of a human hand is often found on teepees, and on Native arts & crafts.

Visit Tocabe’s Official Website for the complete Menu
From that menu:
“American Indian Fry Bread.” “Choice of black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans. Your choice of meat, topped with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, purple onions, sour cream, and choice of salsa.”
The meat choices are: Ground Beef ($6.25,) Grilled Chicken Breast ($6.50,) Shredded Beef ($6.95,) and Ground Buffalo ($7.25.) The Indian Fry Bread Vegetarian Taco is priced at $5.95.

“Stuffed Indian Tacos” – “Indian Fry Bread stuffed with your choice of beans, meat, cheese, tomatoes, purple onions, green chile and salsa” – similarly priced.
Or how about:
“Medicine Wheel Natchos,” “Little Osage Pizza,” “Dessert Tacos,” Kids meals, beer and wine and more.

Access Tocabe’s Official Website

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Spotlight on ANNIE’S CAFE & BAR in Denver, Colorado

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Soup's On...
Soup's On...

3100 E. Colfax at St. Paul
Denver, Colorado 80206 (303) 355-8187

Denver has a handful of Big City Breakfast *Joints – Annie’s Cafe & Bar is one of them. On East Colfax Avenue, down-the-road-a-piece from Colfax’s “**Melrose Avenue Stretch” (at least as close as Denver’s gonna get to Melrose Avenue,) Annie’s provides a place to breakfast, recoup and people watch.

All American breakfasts are available, including:
“Weekday Special”
Monday thru Friday
7:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M.
2 eggs any style, grilled
potatoes and toast or muffin

Annie’s Eggs………………………………… 6.95
2 scrambled eggs and sauteed
mushrooms smothered with cheese
sauce served with grilled potatoes and toast

Eggs Benedict……………………………… 8.25
Buttermilk Pancakes…………………. 4.95
with bananas & walnuts……………………add 1.75

Omelettes, (Huge) Burritos, Sandwiches, Burgers, Salads, and much more, including Mimosas ($5.50) and other adult, breakfast-beverages from the bar are available – BREAKFAST IS SERVED ALL DAY. There’s always a jar of Peanut Butter on every table!

Nightly Specials! Happy Hours!

Access Annie’s full menu, photos and other information on Annie’s Cafe & Bar’s Official Website…
PETE’S KITCHEN is another BIG CITY BREAKFAST JOINT on East Colfax Avenue…

Visit LasVegasBuffetClub’s pages for Annie’s Cafe & Bar…
Visit the LasVegasBuffetClub’s home page…
*Actually Annie’s isn’t really a joint, it’s a very respectable family restaurant.

Colfax Avenue
Colfax Avenue-photo by larryhotz.com

**Colfax Avenue’s “Melrose Avenue Stretch” is an area of Colfax stretching East from downtown Denver to Denver’s Greektown near Denver East High School, which boasts of some famous alumni including actors: Douglas Fairbanks, (Silent Film Actor) Harold Lloyd, Hattie McDaniel, TJ Miller, Don Cheadle and Pam Grier; Musicians: Paul Whiteman, Donnette Thayer, Reese Roper, Dianne Reeves, Jamie Laurie, Bill Frisell, and Philip Bailey, Andrew Woolfolk and Larry Dunn [of Earth, Wind and Fire,] Chuck E Weiss and Folk Queen: Judy Collins; Beat Icon: Neal Cassaday, Jack Swigert [NASA astronaut] and writer, Sidney Sheldon.

This section of East Colfax Avenue, with its marginal seediness in the mix with Hip shops, restaurants & street people, reminds one of sections of the Melrose Avenue district in Los Angeles.

“Did Tacotlan Shrug?”

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Soup's On...
Soup's On...

Several years ago the LVBC BLOG received a “BLOG Comment” from the Denver Mayor’s Office.

I did a post on a Mexican restaurant in Denver and the Mayor “loved what I had to say about the restaurant.” It was more about the design/look of the restaurant, although the food definately “worked.” Anyway the mayor was going to mention my post/review at the Mayor’s Design Awards ceremony, as well as invite me to attend an Awards’ reception.

Well I drove by the restaurant the other day and found that the entire look of the place had been changed.
The vibrant colors that the Mayor and I agreed upon were gone, the style was gone. I think they even changed the name (I drove by quickly and just caught a glimpse.)
That’s the way it goes goes!

Here’s a copy of the e-mail that the Mayor’s Office sent:

9:44 PM 12/17/2006
“We loved what you had to say about Tacotlan on South Federal, and agree that it should win a design award. Please join us on November 14th for the Mayor’s Design Awards. Tacotlan will be receiving an award from the Mayor for their small scale contribution to good design as a building that beckons. The Mayor will mention your review, and we’d love for you to join in the celebration. The event will be held on East Colfax at the Master’s Bible Church at East Colfax and Columbine (across from East High) followed by a reception with the Mayor at the Rockbar at 3015 East Colfax. Let me know if you need more information or see www.denvergov.org/MDA” Comment by [KC] – November 2, 2006 @ 10:55 am
That’s a nice thing!

The restarant’s former name was TACOTLAN.
1130 S. Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80204
phone: (303) 934-9303

I’ll post an update here when I have more information about the restaurant. Guess I’ll have to stop by for a taco.

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